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Direct cremation prices

The price of direct cremation is the cheapest option, as it does not include additional services such as a wake or ceremony. Stelae offers a complete direct cremation service for families on a tighter budget or when a loved one expresses a desire for a simple funeral.


Direct cremation pricing options

Direct cremation is an option that more and more families opt for due to its ease of service and price. It is a service that only includes the cremation of the deceased person and does not include a wake or a ceremony afterwards, this lowering the cost of the funeral service.  

With this type of cremation, the price may vary (depending on the requirements of each family). However, it will always include the processing of legal documentation, collecting the deceased, the coffin, the transfer to the crematorium, the cremation, the cremation fees and the urn in which the ashes are delivered to the family.

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Stelae SOFT

Services: collection, transfer and cremation, eco-paper urn, custody and shipment of the urn, as well as free telephone counselling.

What's included:
Service price€1,475
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Includes STELAE SOFT services plus improvement of the urn (metallic) and legal management included.

What's included:
Service price€1,600
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Stelae ELITE

Includes STELAE COMFORT services plus bamboo urn, enhanced casket and farewell to the deceased prior to cremation.

What's included:
Service price€1,995