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Stelae is a service specialized in direct cremation that families can hire online to save costs and procedures. 


Our team of qualified professionals facilitates the entire process, from the procedures after the death of a loved one to the delivery of the urn at home. The most economical, transparent and agile service. 


We have access to a structure of more than 400 professionals, operating throughout Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, with 11 crematorium complexes.

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What do we do at Stelae?

In Stelae we offer the most complete direct cremation service, speeding up the procedures for families when a loved one dies. We take care of:

● Administrative procedures after death.

● The collection of the deceased person at the place of death.

● Transfer to the cremation centre.

● The cremation processes.

● The custody and home delivery of the ashes to the family of the deceased.


Our service also includes the coffin and urn needed for cremation and to deposit the remains of the deceased. And all this with the cheapest price in this type of funeral services.


In addition, we offer families a free telephone service of psychological attention, with the intervention of experts in grief management to help those who need it cope with the loss in these difficult times.

The Stelae Commitment

Stelae's funeral services seek to make it easier for families to process after the death of their loved ones. With our complete direct cremation service, we offer a cheaper, simpler, and more sustainable alternative.


We are at the disposal of the relatives to manage the whole process for them. That is why we facilitate the online contracting of our services, with the aim of speeding up the process and avoiding its displacement.


We take care of everything and give families the guarantee and security that we always comply with all protocols and quality standards.

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Our mission

Stelae offers the most economical direct cremation service, facilitating the procedures for families and saving them paperwork and travel. Quality funeral services.
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Our vision

At Stelae we always give families the highest standard of quality and professionalism. An innovative service that can be contracted 100% online without the need for intermediaries which facilitates the death-related procedures.
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Our values

Stelae's commitment is to guarantee a transparent, simple and very agile direct cremation process, making the most difficult moment easier.