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What is direct cremation?

What is direct cremation?

When a loved one dies and a cremation is required, there are different types of services. One of these is direct cremation where the deceased is cremated shortly after the death (at least 24 hours must have elapsed). 

Once this process has been completed, the ashes are placed directly in an urn.

This type of service is carried out without a wake or ceremony (which can be performed afterwards with the ashes). It is a quick and simple method.

It is also a cheaper alternative to a traditional funeral and is something that is becoming increasingly popular with families.

Why choose Stelae?

Stelae specialises in direct cremation services. We are available when you need us most and offer a quality funeral service that is adapted to your needs.

The expertise and experience of the Stelae team will provide you with the best care and the ability to carry out the relevant legal processes related to the funeral.



Direct cremation is a quick procedure that takes place shortly after the death of your loved one, without the need for a wake, ceremony or other services that produce extra expenses typical of a traditional funeral (flowers, music, etc).


Es un servicio 100% transparente, dado que todos los trámites se pueden realizar de manera online y mostramos en todo momento lo que estás contratando y los servicios que incluye.


The direct cremation price is less costly than any other funeral services as the deceased is transferred directly from the place of death to the crematorium to be cremated.

What does the direct cremation service include and how much does it cost?

The direct cremation service in Spain is becoming more and more common because it is cheaper than other types of funeral services. 

It includes collecting the deceased, carrying out legal procedures such as obtaining a license, transfer to the crematorium, the removal of a pacemaker if the deceased has one, the cremation and subsequent storage and shipment of the ashes. We also provide families with a telephone counselling service.

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Stelae SOFT

Services: collection, transfer and cremation, eco-paper urn, custody and shipment of the urn, as well as free telephone counselling.

Service price€1,475
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Includes STELAE SOFT services plus improvement of the urn (metallic) and legal management included.

Service price€1,600
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Stelae ELITE

Includes STELAE COMFORT services plus bamboo urn, enhanced casket and farewell to the deceased prior to cremation.

Service price€1,995

Other services we offer

Find out about the diversity of services we offer at Stelae. From interment of urns in graves to transfer solutions tailored to your needs, we are here to meet your requirements with professionalism and dedication.