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Service Summary

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Stelae SOFT

Services: collection, transfer and cremation, eco-paper urn, custody and shipment of the urn, as well as free telephone counselling.

What's included:
  • Collection from the place of death
  • Cremation casket (basic range)
  • Management and legal documentation procedures
  • Incineration in our network of centres
  • Transfer to crematorium
  • Made of cellulose. 100% biodegradable urn.
    urna eco
  • Custody of the urn
  • (Within the Autonomous Community)
  • Our team of psychologists is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with no time or number of calls. If you need to be listened to and advised, at any time and regardless of the hour, you can call and have a bereavement specialist at your disposal.
Service price€1,475