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Cómo elegir las flores para un funeral

How to choose the right funeral flowers: meaning and symbolism

Were you aware that each type of flower has a different meaning at a funeral? Flowers are not just floral decorations, they also have a specific meaning and symbolism, and they help us to express certain feelings. At Stelae, we will explain how to choose the most suitable flowers for a funeral depending on the message you want to convey.

Why do you send flowers at a funeral?

The gesture of sending flowers at funerals has a cultural origin. It is a centuries-old-custom in many cultures that symbolises mourning and respect for the person who has passed away.

Originally, the reason for having flowers at a funeral was purely practical, because of their scent. But, over time, the presence of flowers at funerals took on a deeper meaning. Nowadays they are used to pay tribute to the deceased, to support relatives and to express our feelings about the death of the person who has passed away.

Meaning according to the type of flower

There are a variety of flowers that are suitable for funerals. Therefore, we must be aware of the meaning of all funeral flowers to avoid sending the wrong message. What is the symbolism of each flower?

Roses: eternal love and respect

Roses are one of the most common types of funeral flowers. They generally convey love and respect so they are suitable for those who have a close relationship with the deceased.

However, the colour you choose can alter their meaning. Pink roses express gratitude, while white roses symbolise purity and peace.

Lilies: purity and rebirth

When we choose lilies in a bouquet for a funeral, we are expressing purity and rebirth. These are elegant and delicate flowers and signify hope.

Again, the colour selected can vary their meaning. While white lilies express serenity, pink lilies convey comfort, so they are suitable for expressing our condolences to the relatives of the deceased.

Chrysanthemums: death and new life

Chrysanthemums are appropriate flowers for a funeral when you want to express mourning and a wish for eternal peace. They are very common because they are associated with death and new life. But we must be careful when choosing the colour because, depending on the culture, they can mean one thing or another. For instance, yellow can be a symbol of life and joy for some cultures, but for others it is a symbol of mourning.

Carnations: admiration and remembrance

Carnations are the most common funeral flowers in our culture. They are used to express admiration and appreciation for the deceased, so they are the best way to remember and pay tribute to the person who has passed away.

Orchids: eternal love and beauty

As funeral flowers, orchids can have different meanings depending on the colour chosen. While white conveys beauty and purity, bright colours such as pink, yellow or purple symbolise joy and celebration of life. Remember this when preparing the bouquet, wreath or floral centrepiece.

Meaning according to the colour of flowers

As we have already mentioned, colours can also carry different messages so this should also be taken into account when choosing flowers for a funeral. Which colour is the most suitable for flowers at a funeral?  That depends on the message you want to convey…

White: peace and purity

White is a colour that is associated with purity and peace at a funeral. It conveys serenity and serves to honour the deceased. It is an ideal colour for showing our condolences to relatives.

It is also a symbol of beauty and respect.

Red: love and courage

Red is the colour of love. For this reason, red flowers are often chosen at funerals by those closest to the deceased, such as a partner or children.

It is also a colour that expresses respect and courage. It can therefore be used by those who wish to pay tribute to the deceased person by highlighting this feature of their personality.

Yellow: friendship and remembrance

Yellow is a somewhat controversial colour when it comes to funeral flowers, as its meaning can vary in different cultures.

Its most widespread symbolism is that it represents joy, celebration of life, friendship and remembrance. But there are cultures where it is synonymous with mourning. It all depends on the message you want to convey.

Pink: affection and gratitude

Pink expresses gratitude and affection for the deceased and also conveys calm and comfort if chosen in a pastel shade, meaning it can be used to show our condolences to family members.

Purple: grief and mourning

Purple is the colour of mourning in our culture. It is used to remember the deceased person. It also represents loyalty to the deceased person and has a religious meaning, as it symbolises the colour of the sky, which is where the person is headed according to their beliefs.

What are the most appropriate flowers for a funeral?

As you have already seen, funeral flowers should not be chosen at random. Both the type of flower and the colour you choose must convey what you want to express. With the information we have provided you with in this article, you should now be better placed to choose the ideal flowers for a funeral.